Single Phase Motor Run Capacitor 450VAC 4 Micro Farad

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Single Phase Motor Run Capacitor 450VAC 4 Micro Farad – 258 Engineering Supplies – Order Online Today! 

Single Phase Motor Run Capacitor, 4µF, Lead Wire Connection, 450VAC.

NOTE: Should the size of the capacitor be vital for your application, please contact us since the dimensions might differ.



Input Voltage: 450Vac
Microfarads: 4.00
Body Diameter: 30mm
Height: 65mm
Weight: 0.100000
Approvals: CE
Model No: CAPRUN4-450
Input Freq: 50/60Hz

How does a run capacitor function?

A run capacitor’s primary role is to gather and store energy from its source, then release it as needed by the circuit. It introduces a phase difference between the current and voltage in the auxiliary start windings of a motor. By doing so, run capacitors consistently supply the system with the necessary power for optimal performance. Consequently, they remain energised while the system operates. A distinguishing feature of run capacitors, in comparison to start capacitors, is their notably lower failure rate and reduced capacitance value. They are engineered for continuous use.

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