Siemens 6SL3210-1PE28-8UL0 Power Module, 45kW, 86AMP, IP20

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Siemens 6SL3210-1PE28-8UL0 Power Module, 45kW, 86AMP, IP20 – UK Supplier – 258 Engineering Supplies – Order Online Today!

SINAMICS G120 PM240-2 Module: No Filter, Integrated Braking Chopper, 3AC380-480V ±10% to -20%, 47-63Hz. HO: 37KW (200% for 3s, 150% for 57s, 100% for 240s) at -20 to +50°C. LO: 45KW (150% for 3s, 110% for 57s, 100% for 240s) at -20 to +40°C. Size: 551x275x237mm, IP20 protection.

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Siemens 6SL3210-1PE28-8UL0 Power Module | 45kW, 86AMP, IP20

Siemens 6SL3210-1PE28-8UL0 Specifications: 

Power Rating: 45 kW
Phase: 3
Supply Voltage: 480 V ac
Current Rating: 86 A
Series: SINAMICS PM240-2
For Use With: AC Motors
IP Rating: IP20
Output Frequency: 200Hz

Power Module PM240-2

  • Features: It comes with a built-in Class A filter and a braking chopper.
  • Voltage: It operates at 380-480 V 3 AC, with a variation of +10/-10% and a frequency of 47-63 Hz.
  • Performance: For high overload, it offers 2.2kW power, with varying power levels over seconds. For low overload, it provides up to 3kW.
  • Temperature: It can work in temperatures ranging from -10 to +50 °C.
  • Size: Its dimensions are 196x 73x 165 (HxWxD) and it has an IP20 protection level.
  • Compatibility: It’s compatible with CU firmware version V4.6 and beyond.

General Overview: The PM240-2 is a component of the modular SINAMICS G120 converter system, ideal for standard machinery. It’s specially designed for various general machinery applications.

  • Flexibility: It can be paired with different Control Units depending on the task’s needs and safety requirements.
  • Variants: It’s available in multiple power ranges and voltage versions. You can also choose between filtered and unfiltered versions.
  • Design: Built for control cabinets, it also has a special version that allows heat to escape more effectively. Plus, for safety, there’s a built-in feature.
  • Extra Features: Long cable lengths are possible, and there are additional kits available for proper device wiring.

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