High Quality Motovario B143 Bevel Gearbox


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PLEASE NOTE: Lubrication will come as standard in B3 horizontal mount, please let us know on order if you’re mounting in any other position so we can ensure correct lubrication levels.

If you need any advice on selecting the right gearbox or if you would like this pairing with a motor please call 020 4513 4477 and we will be happy to help!


Motovario B143 Bevel Gearbox

B143 Motovario Gearbox Details:

  • Available in many different configurations
  • Output bore size available in 65 & 70mm
  • Many input and output mounting options available
  • Available in cast iron casings
  • Max motor input size of 200
  • Ratios range from 10,84:1 up to 187,24:1
  • Lots of different accessories available from torque arms, single and double output shafts, output covers, output flanges and double worm units
  • Finished with Paint: Ral 5010 Blue
  • Standard output taper roller bearings
  • Lubrication: Synthetic ISO VG220
  • Output oil seals: NBR Nitrile
  • Input oil seals: NBR Nitrile 

Powering the Future with Motovario Bevel Gearboxes

In the ever-evolving world of engineering, a dynamic and strategic partnership is the cornerstone of success. For years, 258 Engineering Supplies has nurtured a thriving partnership with the globally renowned brand, Motovario, in selling their state-of-the-art Bevel Gearboxes. Our alliance has been marked by consistent delivery of high-quality and performance-driven products, with a prime focus on our Bevel Gearbox range. These gearboxes, known for their robust design and efficient power transmission capabilities, are built to withstand the rigorous demands of various industry applications. The harmonious amalgamation of the Bevel Gearbox’s helical gears and the right angle 90-degree design optimizes space and offers superior torque performance, distinguishing our product line from others in the market.

Unbeatable Pricing 

Price and value have always been at the heart of our commitment to customers. At 258 Engineering Supplies, we believe in ensuring maximum return on investment for our clients. Our partnership with Motovario extends beyond providing top-quality bevel gearboxes. It includes a shared vision of delivering exceptional value without compromising on affordability. Our promise to provide the best prices in the UK isn’t just a claim, it’s a testament to our commitment to value, quality, and customer satisfaction. In a market that is becoming increasingly competitive, we have been steadfast in maintaining cost-effective solutions for our customers.

First-Class Technical Support 

Our commitment to our customers goes far beyond offering high-quality gearboxes at competitive prices. We understand that our responsibilities are not limited to the point of sale. Thus, we provide first-class technical support to all our clients, ensuring they achieve maximum efficiency and longevity from our products. Our technical team, with its deep knowledge of Motovario Bevel Gearboxes, stands ready to assist with any operational queries, from simple setup guidance to complex troubleshooting. Whether it’s advice on choosing a Helical Bevel Gear Motor or support with a Right Angle Bevel Gearbox, our goal is to ensure that our customers enjoy a seamless and productive experience with every product from our catalog.

Are You a Trade Customer, Or Have You Found a Cheaper Quote Elsewhere?

We at 258 Engineering Supplies firmly believe that our customers deserve the best possible prices for top-tier engineering products such as Motovario Bevel Gearboxes. It’s a part of our commitment to ensuring that high-quality and efficiency are always within your reach. So, if you’ve been offered a lower price, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We will gladly revisit our pricing and strive to not only match but beat the quoted price. This is our guarantee to you as we continue to fuel progress and innovation within the engineering industry, one competitive offer at a time.

Additional information

Weight N/A

10,84, 11,87, 14,49, 17,04, 18,66, 21,00, 22,77, 25,63, 27,44, 30,05, 33,01, 36,67, 40,29, 44,16, 48,35, 53,16, 54,63, 59,02, 64,88, 70,43, 77,12, 85,54, 94,13, 105,83, 111,94, 124,62, 136,44, 149,59, 166,53, 187,24

Motor Input

100-112B5, 132B5, 160B5, 180B5, 200B5

Hollow Bore Size

65mm, 70mm

Mounting Position



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