Baldor BP5031A01SP Brush

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Baldor BP5031A01SP Brush x2 Off Per Set – Available From UK Stock

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Baldor BP5031A01SP Brush

What do Baldor BP5031A01SP carbon brushes do?

A motor brush, otherwise known as a carbon brush, is a small part of an electric motor that conducts the electrical current between stationary and rotating wires inside the motor.

Typically, carbon brushes are made from one or multiple carbon blocks (including natural graphite, copper graphite, electro graphite, bonded carbon, silver graphite, and pitch bonded carbon), with one or more terminals. Carbon is a great conductor of electricity which is why its used as the main material, while it is soft enough to give a consistent contact point.

Normally you will typically find more than one carbon brush in a motor, and there are different types for different types of motors.

Why are Baldor BP5031A01SP carbon brushes used in electric motors?

Carbon brushes work by reducing the damage to the motor, this is done by carrying the current back and forth between the stationary and moving parts of the motor. Instead of having an integral part of the machine wear away from this process, these are easily replaceable parts that are designed to wear away. Saving you lots of money during the lifespan of the motor.

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