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TECO cast iron motors TECO B5 Ali

TECO Motors and Variable Speed Drives: A Comprehensive Overview

TECO is an established global leader in the manufacturing of electric motors and variable speed drives, synonymous with quality, performance, and efficiency. Over the years, TECO has continued to innovate and expand its product range to cater to various industrial requirements. As a premier distribution partner and stockist, 258 Engineering Supplies has a rich history […]

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  • Invertek Drives

    Invertek Drives: Innovative Variable Frequency Drives for Industrial Applications

    Invertek Drives Over the years, 258 Engineering Supplies has forged a close rela ...

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  • optidrive e3 single phase output Optidrive E3 Single Phase Invertek Optidrive E3 The Single Phase To 3 Phase Inverter ODE-3-210105-1F42-01 ODE-3-210105-1F42-01 ODE-3-110070-1F12-01 ODE-3-220105-1F42-01 ODE-3-120070-1F12-01 ODE-3-120043-1F12-01 ODE-3-240041-3F42 ODE-3-140022-3F12 ODE-3-140012-3F12 ODE-3-120023-1F12 ODE-3-320153-1042 ODE-3-120043-1F12 ODE-3-220105-1F42 ODE-3-120070-1F12

    The Single Phase to 3 Phase Inverter: Features & Benefits

    The Single Phase To 3 Phase Inverter ...

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  • what is an Inverter

    What is an Inverter?

    What is an inverter - VFD? An inverter, specifically a Variable Frequency Drive ...

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