Low-Cost Invertek Optidrive E3 Three Phase Drives


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  1. Cheapest Prices In The UK: Our unbeatable pricing ensures that you receive superior value for your investment.
  2. Comprehensive Warranty: Our drives come with a robust 2-year warranty, assuring you of our commitment to quality and long-term reliability.
  3. Full Technical Support: Our expert team is always ready to assist you with any technical needs or queries, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience.


Invertek Optidrive E3

Invertek Optidrive E3 Three Phase 380-480V Inverters

Easy Commissioning:

  • Contactor style connection for simple wiring.
  • 14 parameter basic setup.
  • Default settings suitable for most applications.
  • Up to 50 parameters available in total for a highly flexible performance.

Intuitive Keypad Control

  • Precise digital control at the touch of a button.

Application Macros

  • Switch between Pump, Fan and Industrial modes to optimise your Optidrive E3 to your application.

Internal Category C1 EMC Filter

  • An built in internal filter comes as standard in every Optidrive E3

Sensorless Vector Control for all Motor Types

  • Line Start PM Motor
  • Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Induction Motors
  • Synchronous Reluctance Motors
  • Brushless DC Motors

Options & Software

  • A range of brake resistors, external EMC filters, input chokes and output filters are available.
  • Compatible with Optistick Smart
  • Rapid commissioning tool available.

Invertek Drives Optidrive E3 Enclosure Options:

  • Sizes 1-5 cover the full power range up to 37 kW
  • Robust, compact enclosures for cabinet/panel mounting
  • Operates in temperatures of up to 50°C
  • Power supply connects at the top (except frame size 5)
  • Motor supply connect at the bottom

IP66/NEMA 4X Outdoor

  • Outdoor rated tough polycarbonate enclosure
  • Sizes 1-4 up to 22 kW
  • Washdown and dust tight

258 Engineering Supplies’ Alliance with Invertek Drives

The journey of 258 Engineering Supplies over the past five years has been nothing short of a progressive partnership forged in the crucible of innovation. It’s been a dynamic collaboration with Invertek Drives, a union that has brought the best of British engineering to the UK market. The flagship product of this collaboration is the Invertek Optidrive E3. A remarkable embodiment of technical precision and energy efficiency, these drives represent our commitment to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into the mainstream industrial landscape.

Unbeatable Pricing 

The essence of our partnership with Invertek has always revolved around offering the most competitive prices in the UK market, while upholding the highest product quality. The Invertek Optidrive E3, an icon of affordability and functionality, symbolizes our relentless pursuit of this ethos. We are dedicated to meeting the unique financial requirements of our diverse clientele, from burgeoning start-ups to industrial powerhouses. Each Optidrive E3 we supply promises a unique blend of operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring clients derive the maximum value from their investment.

First-Class Technical Support 

Our commitment to clients extends far beyond product distribution. It’s about fostering enduring relationships and providing first-class technical support that makes 258 Engineering Supplies a trusted partner. Every Invertek Optidrive purchase comes with the promise of comprehensive, ongoing technical assistance from our team of seasoned engineers. From troubleshooting to ensuring optimal performance of your Invertek drive, our team stands ready to support you every step of the way. With 258 Engineering Supplies, you’re not just purchasing an Invertek Optidrive E3, you’re entering into a partnership that guarantees top-tier products, affordable prices, and unwavering technical support.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
kW Rating

0.37kW, 0.75kW, 1.5kW, 2.2kW, 4kW, 5.5kW, 7.5kW, 11kW, 15kW, 18.5kW, 22kW, 30kW, 37kW

Enclosure Rating

IP20, IP66 Switched, IP66 Non Switched


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