OPT-STUDIO-IN Optitools Studio

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OPT-STUDIO-IN Optitools Studio is a purpose-built PC software suite, meticulously designed to provide extensive support for the entire product range of Invertek Drives.

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OPT-STUDIO-IN – Optitools Studio

Introducing OPT-STUDIO-IN Optitools Studio, a specially designed PC software suite aimed at providing robust support for the expansive Invertek Drives product line, which includes E2, E3, P2, HVAC, ECO, and Elevator. The software boasts four key capabilities that make it a standout product in its field:

  1. Parameter Management: Optitools Studio enables seamless editing of parameters, along with uploading and downloading them for optimum convenience. Users can compare parameters for a more in-depth analysis and control their access for better security. The software also includes an option for parameter reset, ensuring greater flexibility and control over the drive system.
  2. Drive Control/Monitoring: With real-time drive status monitoring and control capabilities, Optitools Studio is a valuable tool for commissioning and ongoing operational management. Users can monitor a wide range of drive variables in real time, helping to maximize the drive’s efficiency and productivity.
  3. Function Block Editor: This feature allows users to create dedicated function block programs, providing enhanced customization to meet unique operational needs. The simulation option gives a practical insight into how these programs will operate in a real-time scenario. Optitools Studio also supports program upload and download, facilitating smooth transfer and backup of function block programs.
  4. Scope/Data Logger: Optitools Studio’s real-time scope offers comprehensive data logging and measurement, ensuring accurate tracking of drive performance over time. Users also gain access to the internal data logger of the supported products, making it easier to monitor and troubleshoot the drives.

OPT-STUDIO-IN Optitools Studio, therefore, combines ease-of-use with a range of powerful features to support optimal use of Invertek Drives.


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