OPT-3-STICK-IN Optismart Stick


OPT-3-STICK-IN Optistick Smart enables immediate, two-way communication via Bluetooth between Optidrive E3, P2, Eco, Elevator, Laptop or PC operating Optitools Studio or a mobile phone utilising the Optitools Mobile app.

When procuring the Optistick Smart, please specify whether or not you need the Bluetooth Dongle and/or NFC Reader.

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OPT-3-STICK-IN Optismart Stick

Optistick Smart OPT-3-STICK-IN Features:

  • Allows rapid parameter copying between multiple drives
  • Onboard Bluetooth interface for PC and smartphone connection
  • Onboard NFC (Near Field Communication) for rapid data transfer

Optistick Smart also serves as a convenient parameter copy module, enabling you to duplicate parameters from one drive to another.

However, please be aware that the Optistick Smart can only replicate parameters between drives that have the same rating.

Important: To ensure seamless communication between a laptop/PC and Optistick Smart, the Invertek Bluetooth Dongle (MCW part number OPT-3-DNBLU-IN) is required. Without this specific dongle, the communication process will not be successful.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 cm
Optismart Stick

Optismart Stick

Bluetooth Dongle

No Bluetooth Dongle, Add Bluetooth Dongle OPT-3-BLUDN-IN)

NFC Reader

No NFC Reader, Add NFC Reader (OPT-3-NFCRD-IN)


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