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Motovario Force Vents

Motovario Forced Ventilation Units are expertly crafted to meet the cooling needs of applications requiring reliable solutions. Designed specifically for scenarios where motor speed is controlled by inverters or when motors frequently operate at low speeds, these units effectively dissipate heat by ensuring continuous airflow over the motor’s external surfaces. This proactive cooling approach prevents overheating, optimizes efficiency, and extends motor lifespan, making them ideal for consistent and efficient cooling solutions.

Forced Ventilation Units are recommended when:

  1. The motor operates with an inverter or encoder, resulting in varying running speeds.
  2. The motor runs at lower-than-standard speeds for extended periods.
  3. The motor’s location restricts the airflow, leading to less-than-ideal cooling.

When are forced ventilation units essential?

Motovario motor force ventilation units become essential in situations where an AC motor operates at speeds lower than its standard setting or when an encoder replaces the motor’s standard cooling fan. These units ensure a continuous airflow through the motor, allowing it to run efficiently for extended durations at lower speeds. To power the force ventilation unit, a separate power supply (either 230VAC or 415VAC) is required.

General Guideline for Fitting Force Vent Fans:

As a general guideline, we highly recommend fitting a force ventilation unit when using a motor with an inverter and expecting to operate at speeds of 50% or less for prolonged periods. By incorporating Motovario force ventilation units into your system, you ensure consistent cooling and optimal performance, allowing your motors to withstand prolonged low-speed operations with ease. Trust Motovario Force Ventilation Units to keep your motors running smoothly and reliably, even under demanding conditions, providing the ideal choice for effective cooling solutions.

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