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Motovario Gearboxes and Motors: A Comprehensive Product Range

Motovario Gearboxes And Motors

The history of 258 Engineering Supplies, a distinguished distributor of Motovario products in the UK, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and service. For years, we have worked hand-in-hand with Motovario, the globally recognised Italian producer of electric motors, gearboxes, and mechanical speed variators, to bring their products closer to our clients. The partnership is fuelled by the shared vision of empowering industries with power transmission solutions of unparalleled efficiency and performance.

This article seeks to explore:

  • The longstanding partnership between 258 Engineering Supplies and Motovario
  • Motovario’s unrivalled reputation in power transmission solutions
  • The wide array of Motovario products offered by 258 Engineering Supplies
  • The superior features and benefits of these products
  • The unmatched customer support provided by 258 Engineering Supplies

A Glorious Partnership

The history of our relationship with Motovario is a story of mutual growth and shared successes. Over the years, 258 Engineering Supplies has become an essential part of Motovario’s growth strategy, working as their trusted UK Assembly Centre and Distribution Partner.

Our journey was borne out of a shared commitment to quality and efficient production systems. Motovario has continuously been a pioneer in the design and manufacture of innovative, efficient, and reliable gear reducers, motor reducers, and variators. In turn, we have matched their dedication by maintaining an extensive stock of Motovario products, ready for fast Nationwide delivery.

Unrivalled Expertise and Support

At 258 Engineering Supplies, we do not just sell products; we offer a complete solution. Our experienced team of engineers and technical experts is always ready to provide advice and assistance in product selection. Furthermore, we provide application design support and guidance for replacement products, ensuring our clients receive products best suited to their unique requirements.

The Motovario product range we provide is a testament to our dedication to meet the diverse needs of our clients. This includes Worm & Helical Worm Gearboxes, Inline Helical Gearboxes, Bevel Helical Gearboxes, Shaft Mounted Gearboxes, Mechanical Variators, Clean Duty Gearboxes, Three Phase Motors, and Three Phase Brake Motors.

Outstanding Product Range

We take pride in the wide array of Motovario products that we supply. This extensive product range means we can cater to the various needs of our clients, whether they need a simple solution for low-power applications or heavy-duty equipment for harsh conditions.

One such product is the NMRV and NMRV Power Series gearboxes. These original gearboxes provide excellent performance, are available with compact helical input stages, or as double worm gearbox combinations, and offer superior torque performance and reliability.

On the other hand, the H Series Inline Helical Gearboxes and HA Series Inline Helical Gearboxes provide maximum performance and reliability even under the harshest operating conditions. These gearboxes are robust, versatile, and offer an exceptional power range.

A Commitment to Excellence

At 258 Engineering Supplies, we are committed to maintaining high standards in everything we do. From the comprehensive range of products we offer to the unrivalled customer service we provide, we aim to ensure our clients can rely on us as a trusted partner.

We invite you to experience the exceptional quality of our Motovario product range. We are confident that you will appreciate the superior performance and reliability that our products offer. And, you can rest assured that our experienced team will be on hand to provide expert advice and support at every step of your journey.

258 Engineering Supplies: Your Trusted Source for Motovario

For several years, 258 Engineering Supplies has been a frontrunner in the supply and distribution of Motovario products across the UK. With a reputation for top-tier power transmission solutions, Motovario’s offerings have been a mainstay in numerous industries. In this article, we will delve into the history of 258 Engineering Supplies’ partnership with Motovario and the wide-ranging product line we offer.

  • We will explore the foundations of Motovario, an Italian producer revered for their electric motors, gearboxes, and mechanical speed variators.
  • We will provide insights into how 258 Engineering Supplies has become a leading distributor for Motovario products.
  • We will discuss our expertise and support offerings, helping customers choose the right Motovario product for their needs.
  • We will give an in-depth review of the various types of Motovario products and their unique features.

Motovario Overview

Motovario is an esteemed producer of power transmission components based in Italy. Known for their commitment to quality and efficient production systems, the company offers a wide array of electric motors, gearboxes, and mechanical speed variators. Motovario’s production methods are rooted in rigorous testing and continuous improvements to deliver the best products possible.

258 Engineering Supplies has been a trusted distributor of Motovario products for many years. As an assembly centre and distribution partner, we carry an extensive stock of Motovario’s range, providing fast nationwide delivery to meet urgent needs.

Our experienced team is on hand to provide advice and assistance in product selection. We also offer application design support and replacement product guidance, ensuring our customers find the perfect Motovario solution for their specific applications.

Range of Motovario Products

Worm & Helical Worm Gearboxes

Motovario’s Worm & Helical Worm Gearboxes are recognised for their superior torque performance and reliability. The NMRV and NMRV Power series are their original gearboxes that provide excellent performance. These gearboxes are available with compact helical input stages or as double worm gearbox combinations.

These gearboxes come in 10 different sizes with output bore options. Their construction involves either die-cast aluminium alloy or G200 grey cast iron casing. The worm gearboxes have a 5:1 to 100:1 ratio, the helical worm gearboxes possess a 22.08:1 to 1083.33:1 ratio, and the double worm combinations have a 100:1 to 5000:1 ratio. All of these gearboxes come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

Inline Helical Gearboxes

Motovario’s Inline Helical Gearboxes ensure maximum performance and reliability even under harsh operating conditions. The H Series and HA Series are designed for robust and versatile applications. They are constructed from robust cast iron or lightweight aluminium and offer multiple output shaft options.

These gearboxes offer up to 8000Nm output torque, 55000N admissible radial loads, and up to 45kW motor input. The H Series offers 1.23:1 to 282.1:1 reduction ratios, while the HA Series offers 1.33:1 to 353.98:1 reduction ratios. These gearboxes are backed with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Bevel Helical Gearboxes

The Bevel Helical Gearboxes from Motovario offer extraordinary performance and reliability for a wide range of applications. The B Series and BA Series are known for their performance and durability, with the former providing up to 100mm output bore and the to next input/response latter offering a compact solution for tighter spaces.

The B Series gearboxes provide an output torque of up to 14000Nm, and the BA Series offer up to 3200Nm. Their design allows for handling a wide range of speed and load conditions, with admissible radial loads up to 80000N. The B Series offers 1.28:1 to 250:1 reduction ratios, while the BA Series ranges from 1.38:1 to 211.88:1 reduction ratios. They also come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Shaft Mounted Gearboxes

Motovario’s Shaft Mounted Gearboxes, namely the S Series, provide a simple, yet effective solution for power transmission needs. Designed for direct mounting on the drive shaft, these gearboxes eliminate the need for additional components, saving space and reducing installation times.

Offering output torques up to 4000Nm, the S Series can handle radial loads up to 35000N. Their reduction ratios range from 5.04:1 to 31.5:1. Like other Motovario products, the S Series gearboxes also come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Motovario Motors

Motovario offers a wide range of electric motors, available in both single-phase and three-phase configurations. From general-purpose motors (M Series) to brake motors (MB Series) and inverter-duty motors (MT Series), these motors offer excellent performance across a broad spectrum of applications.

Their electric motors provide power outputs ranging from 0.06kW to 22kW and can operate across multiple voltage inputs. They have a robust construction, designed for durability and long-lasting performance. These motors also come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Clean Duty Gearboxes

The Motovario Clean Duty Gearboxes, especially the SWCD Series Gearboxes, are designed with industries that have high hygiene requirements in mind. Their treated aluminium surfaces and AISI stainless steel construction make them resistant to high pressure and aggressive washdown procedures, extending their lifespan even in the toughest of environments.


  1. Range: The gearboxes are available in six sizes, with output bores ranging from 14mm to 35mm. Various mounting options are available to suit different applications.
  2. Ratios: Ratio options range from 5:1 to 100:1, providing flexibility in matching the gearbox to specific requirements.
  3. Ratings: These gearboxes are rated for motor input powers up to 1.5kW and can produce output torque up to 430Nm.
  4. Special Features: The treated surfaces resist high pressure and aggressive washdowns, while the AISI stainless steel output shaft and hardware add to the durability of the gearboxes. There is also an option for smooth-bodied stainless steel motors.
  5. Warranty: Each gearbox comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, offering peace of mind to customers.

Three Phase Brake Motors

The Motovario TBS/TBH Series Three Phase Brake Motors are suitable for a wide variety of applications that require holding or stopping. Manufactured in Italy, these motors are known for their quality and reliability. They are designed to withstand tough applications and harsh conditions and are available with AC and DC brake voltages. For safety applications, there is an option for a double brake.


  1. Range: These motors are available in an aluminium multi-mount design with FM (DC Voltage) or MS (AC Voltage) brakes.
  2. Special Features: The motors come with exceptional quality Italian manufactured brakes. They are available with options such as manual hand release, force ventilation, thermistors, etc.
  3. Ratings: The motors are available from 0.09kW to 15kW and come in 2, 4, or 6 poles. They are designed for three-phase voltages from 230V to 690V, with a 50 or 60Hz frequency.
  4. Warranty: Each motor comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing reassurance of their quality and durability.


At 258 Engineering Supplies, we pride ourselves on our extensive product knowledge and our commitment to customer service. As a leading distributor of Motovario products, we understand the importance of offering top-quality, reliable solutions that meet the needs of our clients in diverse industries.

Whether you’re in the market for a gearbox, electric motor, or any other power transmission component, our expert team is on hand to provide advice, support, and fast nationwide delivery. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our offerings and how we can help you find the right Motovario solution for your specific application.

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