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Baldor-Reliance Motors: Reliable and Efficient Solutions for Challenging Applications

Baldor-Reliance Motors

Ever since the inception of our company, 258 Engineering Supplies has maintained a deep-rooted association with Baldor-Reliance motors. With the passing years, the strength of this bond has only grown stronger. Not only do we supply their entire product range but our long-standing partnership is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. As we journey through our history, we will explore the various aspects that have solidified our status as a trusted supplier of Baldor-Reliance motors.

  • Overview of Baldor-Reliance Motors
  • 258 Engineering Supplies Expertise and Support
  • Extensive Stock Availability
  • Product Range: General Purpose Motors, Severe Duty Motors, Washdown Duty Motors, Pump Motors, Explosion Proof Motors, and DC Motors

Baldor-Reliance Motors: A Legacy of Efficiency and Reliability

ABB has always strived to deliver efficiency, energy savings, and impeccable performance in industrial electric motors, and Baldor-Reliance motors are no exception. Known for their unrivaled reliability, these motors continue to operate in the most challenging processes and environments, demonstrating their true prowess. These motors offer low life cycle costs, further cementing their position as the go-to choice for numerous industries.

With ABB’s commitment to providing value and reliability, it is no wonder that Baldor-Reliance motors have an unshakable reputation in the industry.

258 Engineering Supplies’ longstanding relationship with ABB is a testament to our dedication to offering our customers the best of the best. Our vast experience in the field coupled with our competent team enables us to provide you with the necessary advice and support when choosing the right Baldor-Reliance NEMA motor. We believe in going beyond just selling products and aim to offer comprehensive support services, which include application design assistance and product replacement advice.

In addition to our robust support and expertise, we take pride in being the UK’s largest stockist of Baldor-Reliance NEMA Motors. With a wide range of motors available for same or next day delivery, we ensure that your operations remain uninterrupted. Moreover, motors up to 250HP are available within five working days, a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the product range that we offer, starting with the Baldor-Reliance General Purpose Motors.

General Purpose Motors: Efficiency and Versatility

Baldor-Reliance general purpose motors are known for their energy efficiency, high starting torque, overload capability, and superior reliability. Available in three-phase, single-phase, and braked motors in various NEMA frame sizes, these motors offer a versatility that caters to a wide array of applications.

Baldor-Reliance general purpose motors come in TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) or ODP (Open Drip Proof) frames, providing suitable options for different operating environments. Whether you prefer foot-mounted, C-face mounted, or NEMA D-Flange motors, we have you covered.

The power ratings available range from 0.125HP to 400HP. Moreover, these motors come with 2, 4, 6, or 8 poles, further broadening their suitability for various applications. As for voltage, three-phase motors offer a range from 230V to 575V, and single-phase motors offer a range from 110V to 240V, with either 60Hz or 50Hz frequency.

Baldor-Reliance general purpose motors are built with heavy gauge steel or cast iron frames, ensuring their durability and resilience. They come with a NEMA Premium efficiency rating and a 3-year warranty. What’s more, these motors are designed to be suitable for inverter use and can operate within a wide speed range without additional cooling.

Severe Duty Motors: Designed for the Toughest Conditions

Baldor-Reliance severe duty motors are specifically engineered to thrive in harsh industrial environments. Built to handle high-stress conditions, these motors offer superior reliability and longevity.

From mining and petrochemical applications to waste management and food processing, severe duty motors deliver high performance and durability. These motors are built with superior materials, advanced design features, and rigorous testing protocols to ensure maximum performance even in the most demanding conditions.

These motors are available in TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) or TEBC (Totally Enclosed Blower Cooled) designs, with power ratings ranging from 1HP to 15,000HP, and with 2, 4, 6, or 8 pole designs. Our commitment to stocking a diverse range of Baldor-Reliance severe duty motors ensures we can meet the unique requirements of various sectors and applications.

Washdown Duty Motors: Robust and Hygienic

In environments where cleanliness is paramount, such as food and beverage production or pharmaceutical manufacturing, Baldor-Reliance washdown duty motors come into play. These motors are specifically designed to withstand regular washdowns without compromising performance or longevity.

The enclosures of these motors are built with stainless steel or have a special epoxy coating to resist corrosion and ensure a hygienic operation. They are also sealed to prevent the ingress of water or foreign materials, providing maximum protection during high-pressure washdowns.

Our washdown duty motors come in a power range of 0.5HP to 20HP, with multiple mounting options, and both single and three-phase designs.

Pump Motors: Ensuring Optimal Flow

Pump motors from Baldor-Reliance are designed for optimal performance in applications involving the transfer of liquids. Whether it’s water, chemicals, or petroleum, these motors ensure efficient operation of centrifugal pumps, turbine pumps, reciprocating pumps, and others.

These motors come in a wide range of specifications, from close-coupled pump motors and jet pump motors to submersible pump motors and vertical P-base motors. Available in ODP, TEFC, and WP1 enclosures, these motors can operate under a broad range of environmental conditions.

Explosion Proof Motors: Safety in Hazardous Environments

For industries operating in potentially explosive environments like gas plants, oil rigs, and chemical factories, safety is of paramount importance. Baldor-Reliance explosion proof motors are designed to contain an internal explosion without rupturing and to prevent ignition outside the motor by blocking any sparks, flashes, or explosion residues.

These motors comply with the strict safety standards of agencies like UL, CSA, and ATEX, ensuring a high level of safety and reliability. They come in both single and three-phase designs, with power ratings ranging from 0.5HP to 300HP.

DC Motors: Delivering Control and Flexibility

Baldor-Reliance DC motors offer a high level of control and flexibility, making them ideal for applications that require speed variation and constant torque. From permanent magnet to wound field designs, these motors provide efficient operation and longevity in industrial applications.

Our DC motor offerings include SCR-Rated, General Purpose, Washdown, Severe Duty, Explosion Proof, and Pump designs, with power ratings from 0.33HP to 300HP.

As a trusted supplier of Baldor-Reliance motors, 258 Engineering Supplies continues to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers, ensuring high-quality, reliable products, and unmatched technical support. Our commitment to stocking a diverse range of motors ensures we can meet your specific needs promptly and efficiently.

We are proud of our long-standing partnership with ABB and our role in providing Baldor-Reliance motors to various sectors around the world. Whether you need a reliable motor for a severe duty application, a washdown-ready solution, or a motor designed for safe operation in an explosive environment, we have you covered.


From industry-leading severe duty motors to specialized washdown, pump, explosion-proof, and DC motors, Baldor-Reliance’s extensive product line offers solutions for every conceivable industrial application. As an authorized supplier of Baldor-Reliance motors, 258 Engineering Supplies is committed to matching you with the best motor to meet your specific needs and ensure smooth and efficient operations in your industry.

At 258 Engineering Supplies, we understand the challenges that come with finding the right motor for your applications. Our team of experts is always on hand to guide you through the process and ensure you get the most reliable and efficient solutions. We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and outstanding customer service.

Whether you are in the market for a new motor, seeking to replace an old one, or looking for expert advice, look no further than 258 Engineering Supplies. We are more than just a supplier; we are a partner dedicated to helping you achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in your operations. Contact us today to learn more about our Baldor-Reliance motors and how we can help power your business to new heights.

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